Mo Yu (于 墨)

Principal Researcher

WeChat AI, Tencent

E-mail: YuMo AT gmail DOT com (Yu=gf, Mo=lfof)

Short Bio

I am Mo Yu, a Researcher at the Pattern Recognition Center, WeChat AI, Tencent. My research is mainly focusing on information extraction, question answering, machine reading comprehension and model explainability for NLP.

I received my PhD degree from Harbin Institute of Technology in Jan 2016. Prior to Tencent, I worked as a Research Staff Member at IBM until the year 2021. Before that, I was a visiting student at Johns Hopkins University during 2014-2015 working with Prof. Mark Dredze and Prof. Raman Arora. I was visiting Baidu NLP group during 2012-2013; and was visiting Microsoft Research Asia in 2008 and 2010.


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 Narrative Reading Comprehension

Representation Learning for NLP

Question Answering

Few-Shot Learning in NLP

Model Explainability in NLP

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