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Movie Title :Live Animals

ive Animals is a grisly indiehorror film that follows in the tortureporn tradition of Hostel and Wolf Creek. When a group of college students go partying in the woods, they find themselves targeted by a sadistic hunter (John Still, Black Snake Moan) who traffics in selling his human victims to the whiteslave trade.

Year : 2008

Genres : Horror

Rating [imdb] : 5.20

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Actors : John Still=Wayne Christian Walker=Nick Jeanette Comans=Erin Paula Allen=Party goer Patrick Cox=Edgar Sarah Ewell=Mother Scott Fletcher=Josh Michael McLendon=Father Jay Munn=Amell's helper Bill Painter=Amell Jon W. Sparks=Feed Store Clerk (as Jon Sparks) Stacy Still=Kathy Monica Summerfield=Liz Frances Wagner=Little girl Rusty White=Benjamin (scenes deleted) Learyn Wilde=Tera Scarlet Williams=Vicky Jeremy Benson=

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Directors : Jeremy Benson

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