29 October: Occupy Wall Street in the Snow and the Sleet

Snow, sleet and driving, whipping winds created havoc among the tents and rigged up shelters on Liberty Plaza today.
The temperature was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit as the sun was setting.

Harry Belafonte's documentary "Sing Your Song" played at Manhattan Borough Community College on Chambers Street as a Wall Street event Saturday October 29th. Harry Belafonte is 84 years old and seems tireless. He says he is inspired by his fellow travelers and that gives him infinite energy. He appeared with 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East President George Gresham (who was an honorary pallbearer at the Troy Davis funeral after his execution September 21st) on the stage following the showing of the movie and they took questions. I filmed it with the flip camera.

The film is discussed at the 1199SEIU Web site:

Everyone called Harry Belafonte "Mr. B."

After watching the very inspiring film I went over to Liberty Plaza in the snow and the sleet. "Does anybody need gloves or a hat?" called out a young man with an enormous stuffed duffel bag and passed out brand new, dry warm gloves and hats to anyone who needed them. A young man near me showed me his shoes, wrapped in plastic bags, and said he'd gotten them from Occupy Wall Street a few days ago when 4,000 pairs of brand new shoes were donated by a company, he didn't know the name. He said they were the coolest sneakers he's ever had.

Yesterday the NY Fire Department took away the generators and now lights and computers and any other devices are operating only on battery power. A car repair guy who was there and has brand new generators to donate to Occupy Wall Street explained to me that generators are not a fire hazard when they are outdoors. It is only a danger when they are indoors.

A General Assembly was held with only about 30 of us present. There was some discussion about whether to hold it in the first place because of the small showing of people and because no one from the Minutes Working Group was present. But it was agreed that since, in the early days of the movement there were few people attending the GAs, even fewer than tonight, that this meeting should be held. On the agenda tonight was an issue raised by the Internet Working Group. The issue concerns the Web site occupywallst.org which does not currently represent the GA. Internet Working Group wrote up a proposal to take the site back since it is only the nycga.net site that represents the GA. Curently occupywallst.org gets 300,000 hits a day that are lost to the GA site. The facilitators said they would take the responsibility for writing down notes as minutes after the GA. I unfortunately took a chill and felt faint so I left the meeting before the vote.