28 October: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation

"90% of the economy in the hands of the minority"

From an article published October 27 in the International Business Times in their "Jobs and Hire" section.

"Thousands of protesters have staged a rally in the center of city to highlight the problems of unemployment among black youths and also to demand greater economic power for the nation’s disenfranchised black majority."

The International Business Times proclaim themselves to be:
"the leading source of analysis on international business and world affairs. We deliver our information through a range of formats, from newspapers and magazines to conferences and electronic services.What ties us together is the objectivity of our opinion, the originality of our insight and our advocacy of economic and political freedom around the world."
They publish 13 editions in 8 languages around the globe.

Access International Business Times article (with a great Reuters photo) at:

Annabel Lee,
Oct 29, 2011, 7:59 PM