26 October: Henry A. Giroux on Occupy Wall Street

Used PDFmyURL to create a file for this brilliant reflection by Henry A. Giroux from Truthout.org (accessed at http://www.truth-out.org/occupy-wall-streets-battle-against-american-style-authoritarianism/1319570241)
What is partly evident in the Occupy Wall Street movement is not just a cry of collective indignation over economic and social injustice that pose threats to human kind, but a critical expression of how young people and others can use new technologies, social formations and forms of civil disobedience to reactivate both the collective imagination and develop a new language for addressing the interrelated modes of domination that have been poisoning democratic politics  since the 1970s. At the same time, the movement is using the dominant media to focus on injustices through a theoretical and political lens that counters the legitimation of casino capitalism in the major cultural apparatuses. The rationality, values and power relations that inform hypercapitalism are now recognized as a new and dangerous mode of authoritarianism.