5 November: Working on the Occupation

Heard at Liberty Plaza:
necessity is the mother of invention
mother is the invention of necessity
invention is the mother of necessity
necessity is the invention of the mother

Overheard walking from my (usual) after-7 pm parking spot on Murray Street:
"it's like the e-bay of receivables"

The occupiers are assiduous about cleaning up and gardening

Some of those who have spoke to the occupation:
Robert Thurman
Jesse Jackson
Deepak Chopra
Michael Moore
Salman Rushdie

Sustainability at Occupy Wall Street:
bicycle generators were set up.
There were gas generators there for many weeks and then suddenly the NY Fire Department decided they were a safety hazard.

Some of the Working Groups:
Arts & Culture
Radio and Media (working to get a radio station going at Liberty Plaza) -- Occupy Wall Street started broadcasting a half hour show on WBAI at 6:30 pm some weeks back
There are discussions about whether Drum Circle is a Working Group or not

A few times already I've served on Working Committees.
These are breakout groups from the General Assembly.
Usually it's 8 to 15 people meeting for 15 to 30 minutes.
Once the Working Committees were concerned with issues about information.
Another time the Working Committees were drafting essentially addenda to a list of basic demands.
Space is always an issue. Making the space more accessible and more useful.
There's the issue of helping new people feel included.
Women of Wall Street has been an active growing group.
The National Lawyers Guild is a critical ally because they provide free legal assistance to anyone who has been arrested in association with Occupy Wall Street.
Occupy Central Park is planned for 11-11-11.
Some of the locations of the Occupy movement are great, for example Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. and Liberty Plaza in New York.

Open Source is a site for sharing information on the Web.
Facebook has also been useful in the creation of pages for individual Occupy movements.
Someone created an iPhone app that works as a speaker so that meetings can be held where you listen on your speaker phone when you call in to the number

VIBE is available from the app store for free
it's an anonymous app that works like Twitter but it can't be traced: Twitter can
VIBE provides selected feeds

The network is the free network

Seth Tobocman is a cartoonist, a friend of Eli Smith's family (Eli of the Down Home Radio Show and the Dustbusters and the Ether Frolic mob and other notable associations) and Seth has been showing his political cartoons at Occupy Wall Street.