4 November: Occupy Tulsa arrests made

First some background on Occupy Tulsa from the Occupy Tulsa site:


A group of protesters first took over a park at 6th and Boston on October 28th. Then on November 1st the police cut power to the park. And then some breaking news on the 4th of November from News on 6 "Oklahoma's Own" about permits for use of the park that has been occupied by protesters. Representatives of Occupy Tulsa attended the Tulsa City Council meeting Thursday November 3rd to request a permit that would allow them to remain in the park after curfew. This is after 23 Occupy protesters were arrested November 2nd and 3rd for "breaking curfew". All the above information is from www.newson6.com Web site:


Link to video of protesters being arrested:


Tulsa World newspaper was a bit more graphic saying 23 protesters were arrested in 24 hours and police used pepper-spray on some protesters:


Meanwhile Tulsa World reported on a rally organized by union members and social activists on October 7th that drew 100 people: