29 October: Occupy Wall Street in the Snow and the Sleet

Just a few notes from my iPhone:

Harry Belafonte is 84 years old and he came out in the snow and the sleet to appear with George Gresham, President of SEIU 1199 at Borough of Manhattan Community College on Chambers Street just a hop and a skip from Liberty Plaza to present his new film "Sing Your Song." He is inspired by his fellow travelers and that gives him more energy. Everyone called him Mr. B. 

Back at Liberty Plaza is in the 30s, sleeting, snowing, someone goes around with a huge duffel bag shouting, "Does anybody need gloves or a hat?" The guy I'm standing with shows me his new shoes, wrapped in plastic bags, that he got here at the park, donated by a shoe company who donated 4,000 pairs of shoes to Occupy Wall Street. The women at the information booth needs a hat and the one she picks is brand new with the tags still on it. 

General Assembly. Not too many of us showed up. The protocol is reviewed. Point of process. Concerns. Point of information. Clarifying questions. The agenda for the GA is an issue raised by the Internet working group. The site occupywallst.org does not currently represent the GA. Internet working group wants the GA to take it back and combine it with nycga.net