Moving to Dublin

Hello and welcome to Your Dublin guide!
Realising that moving to live abroad can be a challenging experience, we decided to provide all the practical advise You need in order to settle down easily, and enjoy Your new life in Dublin. 
From the very first days of Your relocation planning to the first weeks in Dublin, this is Your practical easy-to-read guide, which will lead You through:
  • Dublin at a glance;
  • Finding an accommodation;
  • Cost of living;
  • Working, income and taxation;
  • Banking and personal finance;
  • Public services;
  • Medical and dental care;
  • Entertainment;
  • Shopping;
  • Hotels.
Although some of the sections are still under construction, we hope that here You will find the tips You are searching for, and will make the best of Your new life in Dublin!
Good luck!
The Dublin adviser team


Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin. Photo:
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