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Loners on Wheels Inc.  is an international RV Club of single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, RV caravanning and the camaraderie and lifestyle of singles. It is not a matchmaking or dating service.

 It has a local Upper New York (UNY-LoW) chapter.  For information about LoWs visit the international Loner's on Wheels website:    www.lonersonwheels.com/ 

To see our camping schedule select the year below.    In the winter we meet for lunch each month. .
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You can attend a camp out without becoming a member.   Just pack your tent, trailer or RV and call someone to tell them you are coming.   Then call the campground,  make your reservation and tell them you are with     UNY LoWs 
Contacts for the local Upper NY chapter are:
Von  (585) 746-7416      vonngoh11@aol.com
Barb (585) 288-1917      barb082590@aol.com

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Send corrections, additions, and comments about this site to:  Larperk@aol.com   If anyone has some pictures of UNYLoWs events they would be a welcome addition to the site.

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