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Computer Meetup Groups.

Computer meetup groups are people of simular interests that "meet up" on a website and schedule "meet up" events.    They use software from  The website has among other things a message board and calendar of events.   Members of the group sign up on the calendar that they will be attending an event.  The following are some groups that are single friendly and in central New York.  Follow the link to their sites for more information.

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   CNY Dance Meetup Group

The goal of this computer meetup group is to provide those in the area (Utica to Syracuse) interested in some form of social dancing to find others with the similar interests. No experience is necessary. All who are interested in dancing can apply.

This group will allow singles to find a partner to take lessons and practice with. All members will have a special group of friends to go dancing together, share moves, patterns, techniques and have fun. Hopefully, it'll also help encourage singles interested in dancing to get out onto the dance floor.

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Dance Lovers of Central New York

See the their website:


Syracuse Area Outdoor Adventure Meetup

The goal of this computer meet up group is to get out there, have some fun, meet others with similar interests, and to enjoy outdoor adventures and local explorations.

Click for here more information.                Adventurers Meetups


 Syracuse Photography Meetup Group

Meet fellow shutterbugs near Syracuse!  Come to a Photography Meetup to talk about the latest gear, swap tips and techniques, share your images and stories -- and have fun doing it!

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Oswego Singles.

New meetup group for Oswego Singles.  First meeting Saturday October 18, 2008.  Click here


  CNY Five After

is a social group for single or married adults (ages 21 and over) who live and/or work in the greater Syracuse and Central New York area.

Through regularly scheduled social, sports and volunteer events, you will be able to meet new people, establish new friendships and widen your circle of influence. As of April 2008 there are $15 annual dues for this Meetup group.

This meetup closed and re-opened as "private"  contact  for more information



Click for a list of all  "Meet up" groups in Syracuse.  or  click for a list of meet up meetings in Syracuse this week

Not all these events are on the Syracuse Single Friendly Calendar