Moving About, by Charlotte Wile with Ray Cook, teaches Motif Notation, a method of documenting core elements and leitmotifs in movement. The book tells about movement and how to tell what movement is about.


Everyone who observes, discusses, analyzes, teaches, or creates movement will find the book useful. For instance, Motif Notation can convey the overall structure of a dance improvisation, what one should focus on when learning how to swing a golf club, the primary movement features of a character in a play, or the intent of a person’s movement in a therapy session. Its script and conceptual framework are sophisticated, yet can be understood by children as well as adults. 

All aspects of movement are explored, including timing, body portion involvement, direction, Effort, Shape Modes, and actions (relating, traveling, forming body configurations, transferring weight, flexing and extending, falling, turning, going in the air, and changing altitude.) The book's 464 pages also contain many reading studies, quizzes, paradigms for concepts and indications, and an extensive bibliography.

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