Moviestorm 101 for 1.2 is a spin-off of a Work in Progress. It's design is very basic. Any further updates to the main project will include information for Moviestorm versions 1.3 and up. Seeing as some users will be continuing to use version 1.2, we thought we'd throw this out there for them to use. It will still be useful to anyone new to and learning Moviestorm version 1.3.

If anyone would like to edit Moviestorm 101 for 1.2, please PM me, AngriBuddhist, at the Moviestorm forums.

Using Moviestorm v.1.2

Introduction - An overview of Moviestorm for the new user.

Walkthrough - A detailed, step-by-step look at the functions and features of Moviestorm.

Index - Search as you wish.

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