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Movie Title :A Marine Story

A woman trying to put her life back together meets someone struggling to keep theirs from falling apart in this independent drama from writer and director Ned Farr. Alex Everett (Dreya Weber) comes from a family of career military officers, and has a long record of distinguished service in the Marine Corps. However, Alex hasn't advanced through the ranks the way she had hoped, and when she comes home after four tours of duty in Iraq, old friends are surprised to find she's been discharged from the Corps, only a year before she would be eligible for a pension. The truth is that Alex has been a victim of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding homosexuals in the military she was accused of being intimate with another woman, and now her career is over. Back home, Alex drowns her sorrows in alcohol and deals with a narrowminded community in an economic doldrums until she crosses paths with Saffron (Paris Pickard), an insolent woman in her early twenties who has been convicted on drugrelated charges and has been given a choice of a prison sentence or joining the military. A friend on the police force asks Alex to help Saffron get into shape for the rigors of boot camp, but Saffron is hardly grateful for the help. Meanwhile, Alex becomes reacquainted with some figures from her past high school pal Leo (Anthony Michael Jones) and Holly (Christine Mourad), one of her few friends who knew her secret before she faces someone who has their own story to tell about Alex's dismissal from the Marines. A Marine Story received its world premiere at the 2010 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. Mark Deming, Rovi

Year : 2010

Genres : Drama

Rating [imdb] : 5.40

Every fight is personal

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Actors : Dreya Weber=Alexandra Everett Paris P. Pickard=Saffron Christine Mourad=Holly Rob Beddall=Meth Head Anthony Michael Jones=Leo Jason Williams=Turk Deacon Conroy=Burner John Lee Ames=Dale Brad Light=Stenny Ned Mochel=Bill David Avallone=Deputy Bauman Jessica M. Bair=Lesbian Kissing on Dance Floor Andrew Blau=Disgruntled Man in Bathrobe Gregg Daniel=Sheriff Amanda Deibert=Meth Head Girlfriend Colette Divine=Gayle Teena Garcia=Bar patron Chance Havens=Jonesy Kerry Hennessy=Bar Patron Janice Ann Johnson=Clerk

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Directors : Ned Farr

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