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If you buy premium accounts in Megaupload, Easy-share or

Netload, you could enjoy unlimited downloading throughout the

valid period of an account, stop and resume downloads, download

multiple files at the same time, use download managers to take

care of your downloads automatically (without opening the page

and entering the code, clicking through links).

For buying Easy-share premium account at a discount, click here


For buying Netload premium account at a discount, click here



For free users, this site is one of the best sites to download from.

Unlike other download servers, where you have to wait for

sometime after your download gets over, in this site, your wait time

begins as soon as your download starts.


So, you can click on an Easy-share link, wait for 20 seconds and 

then enter the code and start downloading. As soon as your 

download starts, you can click on another link and let the timer 

run. For the 2nd link onwards, the wait time will be 500 seconds (8

min 20 seconds). Just open the link and let the timer run while you 

surf other websites or download other files. And once the counter 

reaches 0, the code will appear and you can start downloading the 

2nd file even if your 1st download is not complete. You can then 

proceed with the 3rd download.

If you are experiencing slower speeds, you can wait for 8 min for 

each link and start download which will then continuously run. In 

effect, you can activate the download of all 7 links just from easy 

share in one hour and get to watch the movie after just 1 hour of 

getting the links.





Premium/toolbar user: Unlimited download, multiple files

downloaded at the same time, direct downloads, download

managers supported.

Free user: Limited download, only 1 file at a time.

If you don't have a premium account and the link you received is

not a premium link, you first have to enter a three-letter code to

identify yourself as a human being (they had to introduce this

feature to combat robots that would otherwise use up too much of

their bandwidth). If you cannot see the code, enable the loading of

graphics and disable any ad blockers in your browser.

After you entered the code successfully, you will see a timer

counting down to 0 (45 seconds for unregistered users, 25 seconds

for registered free users). If you have Javascript disabled, you will

see a message asking you to enable it instead."

For free users, Megaupload allows upto 250 MB of download at a

time. After which you would have to wait for sometime before the

limit is removed. You can also register in their website for free, and

install their toolbar.


With Megaupload's toolbar, you can download as a premium 

user during particular time of the day and overcome the download

limit of 250 MB limit 


Extend - When you've used up your download quota (indicated by 

"Download limit exceeded" messages), simply press the "Extend" 

button and start afresh!

Happy hour premium - Every day, from 9 pm to 3 am Eastern,

they are giving away premium status for free for every user of the

Megaupload Toolbar! Simply press the happy hour button and

enjoy the full set of premium features.

If you have registered in their site and activated "happy hour

premium" using their toolbar, then goto and

in transfer settings, enable "Direct download". Once you do this,

you can add links directly to your download manager, and your

downloads will start. You don't have to type the 3 letter code for

every file.


No tricks here for free users. This server is being used by me 

because it offers unlimited downloads for premium users. So if you 

buy a premium account in this site, you can download as much as 

you can, before your account expires.

Final word for free users


Use Megaupload to download 2 or 3 files and easy-share to 

download as much as you could. If the speeds you get from them 

are not satisfactory, then try netload as well. In summary, by using

different links on different servers, you can continuously download

without having to wait.