What is a PlayStation plus is and how does it works?

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PlayStation plus is one of the subscription services that is access to the  PlayStation network  users who pay for the subscription services monthly or according to the terms provide by the developers. This subscription that can be gotten for free at freepsncodesgeneratorapp.com is done to allow them to receive improved and better services from the PlayStation network in addition to other services that are available to most of them for free. These enhance and better services include the ability to receive the any new downloadable games and demos, movies and any other updates before the other users who receive these services for free.

The PlayStation plus members are always at a higher advantage compared to those who use the PlayStation network for free since they are even able to save their different files in the cloud storage which is no available to other network users without this type of subscription. They are also able to purchase various PlayStation network games at a discount unlike the unsubscribed PlayStation network customers.

How the PlayStation plus works for those who have subscribed to its services

There are several ways in which the PlayStation plus works to the members.

PlayStation plus offers a 1GB cloud storage of important files to the members. A storage space of about 1GB is quite a large space to store the required files by the PlayStation plus members. This one of enhanced services that they receive and is not available to the unsubscribed members of PlayStation network. The space is used for saving various games as long as the members’ subscription is valid. However, once the subscription expires the user ceases to have this space until such a time when she or he will renew the subscription to continue enjoying saving his work.

Members of PlayStation plus are entitled to receiving discounts from the network. All the PlayStation plus members are entitle to discounts on various games available in the PlayStation store. When other users who are not members of PlayStation plus purchase the new games at a certain price the members of the plus only have to purchase them as lower prices since they are given discounts. Those who don’t want to use their discounts to buy the games can live them to accumulate and later receive them in form of cash.

PlayStation plus members are given exclusive access to the PlayStation network. This membership subscription allows all the PlayStation plus members to have access to the new updates earlier than the rest of the network users. New updates concerning the new game demos and real games are first release to them before the other users.

Members of PlayStation plus are also entitled to have free games. Members of the PlayStation plus are also able to receive free games with are playable so long as the PlayStation plus membership is not expired. Once the subscription is expired then it is not possible to access them until the subscription is renewed.

By reading the above article, one is able to tell clearly how what the PlayStation is and how is really works.

Popular Genre of Movies in the PlayStation Network

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For movie lovers having a place where they can get the best movies to satisfy their eyes and souls is most awesome thing. Movies are form of entertainment as well as having education purposes to some people who learn by seeing better than just listening. PlayStation store is where the movies provided by the PlayStation network developers are found. The network customers can either download the movies in their flash disks or watch the movies online.

The PlayStation network has provided its users with a variety of best movies as part of their service to these faithful customers. Movies in the PlayStation are arranged depending on the genre of the movies .there are several l genres in which various movies in the PlayStation network fit. Some are well explained below:

One of the common genre of movies in the PlayStation network is Action.  As the name suggests Action movies involve physical fights and violence by the hero of the movie among other difficult challenges that he or she must overcome in order to rescue themselves and others. In PlayStation network action movies are very common such as; THE WOLVERINE a film whose hero Marvel Comics must fight all the enemies to protect a daughter of a former friend. This is just one of the action movies but there are others in PlayStation network store.

Another genre of movies in PlayStation network is Comedy. This is the film genre in which the movies intended to be hilarious and humorous. These movies tend to live peoples ribs paining form the laughter evoked by the humorous actions of the characters. In the PlayStation network such movies are available to their users to allow them relax their mind from fatigue by laughing their heads off. One such comedy movie is; AMERICAN PIE in which the characters in this comedy intend to lose their virginity before clearing their high school studies. So funny! This and others are available in PlayStation network.

The next genre of movies in PlayStation network is Romance. In this genre the characters tend to be having true love that allow them win each other’s heart during their dating period and finally marry. In the PlayStation network such romantic movies are also available and are times very passionate and moving. One such movie is LOVESTRUCK: The Musical in which the characters are involved romantically with a lot of dancing and entertainment.

Thriller is the most common genre of the movies found in the PlayStation network. This is the genre of films in which the movie creates a lot of tension and suspense while still evoking excitement. In PlayStation these kinds of movies are the majority. One such movie is PRISONERS in which a certain man try to revenge after her daughter and a best friend disappeared by kidnapping the suspected man.

The list of all the genres of the movies in the PlayStation network is endless and the ones discussed in the above article are just but a few of such movies found in the PlayStation network.

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