Zorro’s Fighting Legion


Zorro's Fighting Legion was a 1939 Republic Pictures serial consisting of 12 chapters. It featured Reed Hadley as Zorro and his alter-ego Don Diego's fight against the evil Don Del Oro. It was noted for its exciting stunts and thrilling cliffhanger chapter endings as well as a better-than-average plot.

A trademark of the serial's production is the sudden demise of at least one native informant each episode. The direction, being unsophisticated, was identical for each informant's death, and thus became a source of unintentional humor. Each informant, upon uttering the phrase, "Don del Oro is..." would be shot by a golden arrow (wielded by Don del Oro himself, hidden behind a curtain) and die with a grunt before being able to name the villain's alter ego.  [LINK BELOW]


Zorro's Black Whip

 Barbara Meredith (Linda Stirling) takes on the guise of "The Black Whip" to avenger her bother's murder, in this 12 part 1944 Republic serial.  However, and despite the title, Zorro does not feature in this serial. The hero(ine) is actually called The Black Whip throughout.  The serial is set in pre-statehood Idaho, and involves a fight to prevent and ensure statehood by the villains and heroes respectively.   [LINK BELOW]


Zorro Rides Again

12 Chapter Republic Serial starred John Carroll as a modern descendant of the original Zorro.




1.  Zorro's Fighting Legion: Chapter 1 - Golden God (1939) – Reed Hadley:

Based in 1824 Mexico, Zorro leads a fighting force to battle the mysterious Don Del Oro, who plans to become emperor of Mexico.

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2.  Zorro's Black Whip: (1944) – 12 Chapters – George J. Lewis and Linda Stirling 

Hammond (Francis McDonald), owner of the town's stagecoach line and a leading citizen, is opposed to Idaho becoming a state, and kills Randolph Meredith, owner of the town's newspaper, for endorsing it. Meredith's sister Barbara (Linda Stirling), expert with a bullwhip and pistol, dons a black costume and mask and becomes "The Black Whip".  She deals a blow to Hammond and his gang each time they perform some heinous act in their efforts to keep the town, and their power over it, unchanged. Aided by government agent Vic Gordon (George J. Lewis), Barbara confronts Hammond in a final showdown just as the town votes on whether or not to accept statehood.


3.  Zorro Rides Again (1937) – John Carroll

12 Chapter Republic Serial starred John Carroll as a modern descendant of the original Zorro.  

A. Marsden aims to take over the California-Yucatan Railroad with the aid of his henchman El Lobo. The rightful owners, Joyce and Phillip Andrews, naturally object. Their partner, Don Manuel Vega summons his nephew, James Vega (John Carroll), to help them as he is the great grandson of the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega. He is disappointed, however, to find that his nephew is a foppish dandy.  Nevertheless, James Vega installs himself in the original Zorro's hideout and adopts the Zorro identity to defeat Marsden and El Lobo. This Zorro uses twin pistols and (like the original Zorro) a whip as his main weapons of choice, rather than a more traditional sword.


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