Smilin’ Jack


Smilin' Jack was an aviation comic strip that first appeared in 1933 in the Chicago Tribune and ended in 1973. After a run of 40 years, it was the longest running aviation comic strip. The strip was created by 27-year-old cartoonist and aviation enthusiast Zack Mosley, who had previously worked on the Buck Rogers and Skyroads strips.

 The Adventures of Smilin' Jack (1943) is a 13 Chapter Universal movie serial based on the above Smilin’ Jack comic strip.

1.  Adventures of Smilin' Jack - Chapter 1 (1943) – Tom Brown:

American Flyer Smilin' Jack Martin, works with Chinese government to stop the Black Samurai, a Japanese covert spy ring, lead by the German operative Fraulein von Teufel.

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