Misc Serials, Cliffhangers



1.  Robinson Crusoe of ClipperIsland1936 (14 ChapterRepublic Serial) - Mala


2. The Vigilantes Are Coming - 1936 (12 Chapter Republic Serial).- Robert Livingston


3.The Vanishing Shadow - 1934 (12 Chapters Universal Serial)  – Onslow Stevens


4.  Jungle Jim - 1937 - (12 Chapters Universal Serial) - Grant Withers (with Spanish Sub-titles)


5.  Raiders of Death Valley - 1941 (15 Chapters - Universal Serial) - Dick Foran & Buck Jones 


6.  Sea Raiders - 1941 (12 Chapters - Universal Serial) - Dead End Kids


7.  Secret Agent X-9 - 1945 (13 Chapters) - Lloyd Bridges and Keye Luke 

8.  The Lost Planet - 15 Chapters (1953) - Judd Holdren

9.  Winners of the West - 13 Chapters (1940) - Dick Foran

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1a.  Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island – 1936 (14 Chapter Republic Serial) - Mala

[NOTE:] Chapter 14 in 1c (above) ends 1/2 way thru the film.  Click Here to see --->All of Chapter 14

Mala of the South Seas (1936) - Ray Mala - 14 Chapter Republic Serial (also called Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island)

Stars Eskimo actor Ray Mala, the only native American leading man ever to appear in a cliffhanger and Mamo Clark, who played Clark Gable's native girlfriend in MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY.  The serial  ran over budget during filming and Republic Pictures decided to try and recoup some of their investment by extending a 12 chapter cliffhanger into a 14 episode one. Redundant footage and padding were added to accomplish this, for which the serial suffered. It also gained a reputation for including "cheater" endings in which something that happened in the "cliffhanger" isn't present in the "take-out" episode.

The Story: International spies, superstitious natives, volcanic eruptions and dirigible disasters turn a tropical paradise into a hotbed of intrigue and sabotage in this thrilling adventure. Ray Mala is a special investigator sent by Pacific Dirigible Airlines to learn who has destroyed their base on a Polynesian island. Aided by his trusty sidekicks McLaurie (William Newell), Rex, King of the Wild Horses, and Buck, a St. Bernard (don't ask how they got there), Mala is soon up to his loincloth in danger. Whether he's dodging poison darts, escaping a molten lava flow or saving a beautiful native queen from a power-hungry witch doctor, the suspense never stops as Mala closes in on "H. K.," the maniacal mastermind behind the evil scheme to disrupt world communications.   The serial has a large cast, exotic locations, and profuse special effects sequences including shipboard fires, lava pits, erupting volcanoes, and model ships, planes, and dirigibles bursting into flames.


2.  The Vigilantes Are Coming - 1936 (12 Chapter Republic Serial).- Robert Livingston .

Stars Robert Livingston, Kay HughesGuinn , 'Big Boy' Williams, Raymond Hatton, Fred Kohler Robert Warwick.

Following the discovery of gold in Mexican California in 1844, Russian Cossacks led by Count Ivan Raspinoff, in collusion with General Jason Burr, attempt to invade California and turn it into a Russian Colony with Burr as its dictator. In doing so they round up slaves to work the mines and General Burr has Don Loring's brother and father murdered to acquire their ore-rich land.

Directed by Ray Taylor, Mack V. Wright Produced by Nat Levine, Written by Maurice Geraghty , Winston Miller, John Rathmell Leslie Swabacker



3a. The Vanishing Shadow (12 Chapters Universal Serial) 1934 – Onslow Stevens

3b. Another Location-->The Vanishing Shadow 

3c. Yet another location-->The Vanishing Shadow 

A 12-episode Universal serial in which a son avenges the death of his father at the hands of corrupt politicians. He develops a wide variety of complex devices in his crusade . . . ray guns, robots and a 'vanishing belt.'

An electrical engineer, Stanley Stanfield (Onslow Steverns), brings his newest invention to the famous electrical wizard, Carl Van Dorn --- a vest-like apparatus that enables the wearer to vanish, leaving only a shadow. Van Dorn is vastly impressed and, with the aid of the machine, the pair set out to bring about the downfall of power-crazed, money-mad Wade Barnett and his crony Dorgan, whose political-group activities, through a vicious smear campaign, had hounded Stanfield's father to death. Stanfield's efforts are complicated by the fact that his girlfriend, known to him as Gloria Grant is really Barnett's daughter, who has rejected her father and goes by an alias 


4.  Jungle Jim - Grant Withers 1937 - 12 Chapter Serial (with Spanish Sub-Titles)
Jungle Jim (1937) is a Universal movie serial based on the comic strip by Alex Raymond. Alex Raymond also created the Flash Gordon comic strip. Two safaris enter the African jungle intent on finding a white girl who is the heiress to a fortune. One safari, led by Jungle Jim (Grant Withers), wants to make sure she gets the news that she is now a rich woman. The leaders of the other safari want to kill the girl so they can try to get hold of her inheritance.

Cast :
Grant Withers ... Jim 'Jungle Jim' Bradley
Betty Jane Rhodes ... Joan Redmond / Mrs. Tom Redmond (she was 15 when this serial was made)
Raymond Hatton ... Malay Mike
Evelyn Brent ... Shanghai Lil
Henry Brandon ... The Cobra
Bryant Washburn ... Bruce Redmond
Directors: Ford Beebe and Clifford Smith

Studio: Universal


5.  Riders of Death Valley (1941) - (15 Chapter Universal Serial) - Dick Foran , Leo Carrillo , Buck Jones

15 Chapter Universal movie serial.   The plot has Jim Benton (Dick Foran) as the head of a vigilante group, known as the Riders of Death Valley, organized to protect the miners from the take-over plots hatched by Joseph Kirby (James Blaine) and Rance Davis (Monte Blue.) They hire Wolf Reade (Charles Bickford) and his motley crew to do their dirty work, and spend most of their time lamenting their choice of sub-contractee as Reade deals his employees as much misery as he does the "Riders" and miners. Benton's "Riders" are Tombstone (Buck Jones), Pancho (Leo Carrillo), Smokey (Noah Beery, Jr, who is a no-show in most episodes), Borax Bill (Big Boy Williams) and Tex (Glenn Strange.)


6.  Sea Raiders (1941) - (12 Chapter Ybuversal Serial) - Dead End Kids with Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, and Gabriel Dell

This 12-chapter Universal serial is one of several that Universal made featuring the Dead End Kids (also known as The East Side Kids and The Bowery Boys). In this entry, the Dead End Kids go after a Nazi gang that operates a ship called the "Sea Raider" that has been sinking Allied shipping. Sea Raiders is a Universal film serial that is the second of three Dead End Kids serials, between Junior G-Men (1940) and Junior G-Men of the Air (1942).


7.  Secret Agent X-9 - 1945 (13 Chapters) - Lloyd Bridges and Keye Luke 

Secret Agent X-9 (1945) is a Universal movie serial based on the comic strip Secret Agent X-9 created by Dashiell Hammett. It was the second serial with this name, the first was released by Universal in 1937.

Plot: Both sides in World War II attempt to control the secret of element 722, which can be used to create cheap aviation fuel. 

Click Here For-->Another Location of Secret Agent X-9 (1945)


8a.  The Lost Planet - 1953  (15 Chapters) - Judd Holdren  [All 15 chapters are at this Link]

8b.  The Lost Planet - All Chapters combined

The Lost Planet is a 1953 Columbia Pictures 15-chapter serial which has the distinction of being the last interplanetary-themed sound serial ever made. It appears to have been planned as a sequel to the earlier Chapterplay Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere and shares many plot-points, props and sets, as well as some of the same cast. However, the Video Rangers do not appear, and their uniforms are instead worn by "slaves" created electronically by Reckov, the dictator of the Lost Planet (Gene Roth) with the help of mad scientist Dr. Grood (Michael Fox) and enslaved "good" scientist Professor Dorn (Forrest Taylor).

The hero is a newspaper reporter, Rex Barrow, played by Judd Holdren (who had previously played Captain Video and Commando Cody). 

Dr. Grood has succeeded in winning control over the planet Ergro as the first step in his desired conquest of the Universe. Reporter Rex Barrow, his photographer Tim Johnson, Professor Edmund Dorn and his daughter Ella are all captured by Grood, who plans to make use of the professor's knowledge. With the help of the professor's inventions, Rex is able to free Ergro of Grood's domination, while Grood is sent on an endless voyage into space. 

Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet                              Produced by Sam Katzman


9.  Winners of the West - Movie Serial (1940) - 13 Chapters - Dick Foran

"Winners of the West" is a 13 chapter serial from Universal Pictures - Directed by Ford Beebe and Ray Taylor.

Winners of the West (1940) is a Universal movie serial. It stars Dick Foran and Anne Nagel in a plot about the construction of a railroad and a local gang lord who opposes it. This was Universal's 47th serial release (with sound).

The Hartford Transcontinental Railroad is attempting to build a railroad through "Hell's Gate Pass". However, King Carter (Harry Woods), the self-appointed ruler of the land beyond the pass, does not want this to happen. He sends henchmen, including local Indians, to disrupt the construction anyway they can, from sabotage to kidnapping Claire Hartford (Anne Nagel), the daughter of the company President. The President's assistant, Jeff Ramsay (Dick Foran), and his sidekicks, stop King Carter's schemes at every point and eventually defeat him entirely. This opens the area up to new settlers, the first of which is Jeff himself and his new wife Claire.