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Who’s Guilty? Movie Serial

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Who’s Guilty? - Robert Kent (1945) - 15 chapter Movie Serial from Columbia Pictures
This Serial was a rare attempt of the “Who Done it” Detective Genres in Serial form. 
Walter Calvert (Davison Clark) calls upon his brother Henry at his eerie old house and demands a share of the family fortune, and threatens to kill Henry if he doesn't get it. A few days later Henry's car goes over a cliff and he is presumed dead. Bob Stewart (Robert Kent), a detective whom Henry asked to investigate the matter if he should die, starts his investigation and Duke Ellis (Tim Ryan), a newspaper reporter friend is with him. Bob meets the family at their mansion and questions Henry's sister, his half-brother, his nephew and his nephew's bride, and Ruth Allen (Amelita Ward), whose father was in business with Henry. Henry's brother Patton (Charles Middleton) and a shadowy figure known as The Voice plan to kill all the relatives and divide the fortune. As the murder attempts multiply, Bob, Ruth and Duke endeavor to track down the masterminds and bring them to justice.