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The Spider's Web Movie Serial


The Spider was created by Harry Steeger at Popular Publication’s Pulp Magazine in 1933 as competition to Street and Smith Publications' vigilante hero, the Shadow. Similar to the character of The Shadow, the Spider was in actuality millionaire playboy Richard Wentworth (who had been a Major in World War One), living in New York and unaffected by the Great Depression. Wentworth fought crime by donning a black cape, slouch hat. Later came vampiric makeup or face mask and a hunchback figure with grizzled hair to terrorize the criminal underworld with extreme prejudice and his own brand of vigilante justice. Wentworth also went forth into the Underworld at times disguised as small time villain, Blinky McQuade, to gain information.  The Spider was published monthly and ran for 118 issues from 1933 to 1943

The Spider's Web (1938) is a 15 Chapter Columbia Pictures movie serial based on the pulp magazine character The Spider.   
The Spider's Web was the first serial to be adapted from a pulp magazine.  The film was wildly successful when first released; it was the most popular serial of 1938.  A sequel, The Spider Returns, was released in 1941.  
"The Octopus," a masked crime lord, is bent on crippling the nation with a wave of terror. He starts with the transportation system and then moves onto industry. He demands tribute from railroad magnates and other captains of industry. Richard Wentworth (Warren Hull), an amateur criminologist who is friendly with the police, is secretly "The Spider," a masked vigilante equally determined to wipe the Octopus and his gang off the face of the earth. Pleasant and smiling in civilian life, Wentworth is often ruthless as the Spider, slinging two guns against the public enemies who attack him.
Wentworth also masquerades as affable underworld lowlife Blinky McQuade. Disguised as McQuade, Wentworth can infiltrate gangland at the hired-gun level and keep current on the gang's plans.
The only people who know Wentworth's other identities are his assistants Jackson (Richard Fiske) and Ram Singh (Kenne Duncan), his butler Jenkins (Don Douglas), and his fiancée Nita (Iris Meredith).

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The Spider Returns (1941) - Warren Hull - 15 Chapter Columbia Movie Serial
Amateur criminologist Richard Wentworth (Warren Hull), formerly the masked vigilante, The Spider, brings his former alter ego out of retirement to help his old friend, police commissioner Kirk, battle a dangerous, power-obsessed maniac called The Gargoyle. This mysterious crime lord and his henchmen threaten the world with acts of sabotage and wholesale murder in an effort to wreck the U. S. national defense.
The Spider Returns is based on the pulp magazine character The Spider. It is a sequel to their 1938 serial The Spider's Web (see above)

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