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Jungle Girl and Nyoka and the Tigermen Movie Serial

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Jungle Girl is a 15-Chapter Republic Pictures Serial.  It is based on the novel Jungle Girl (1932) by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Dr. John Meredith, ashamed at the crime spree of his twin, Bradley, travels with his daughter, Nyoka (Frances Gifford), to Africa. There his skills as a doctor displace Shamba, the resident Witch Doctor of the Masamba. Years later, Slick Latimer and Bradley Meredith arrive looking for a local diamond mine and team up with the disgruntled Shamba. Bradley kills his brother John and takes his place. Fortunately, they also brought along Jack Stanton (Tom Neal) and Curly Rogers (Eddie Acuff), who promptly join Nyoka in trying to stop the villains.
The serial was officially based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Girl novel. Nevertheless, it bore almost no resemblance to the novel, which had no character named "Nyoka" and was about an Asian princess, not a white woman living in Africa. The serial was successful enough that a semi-sequel, Perils of Nyoka, was produced in 1942. To avoid paying Burroughs a second time for the rights, the sequel used only the original material created by Republic Pictures for Jungle Girl (such as the name Nyoka). It did not use any of Burroughs' material or the title of his novel.


Nyoka and the Tigermen (1942) (first released as Perils of Nyoka) - Kay Aldridge and Clayton Moore
Perils of Nyoka is a 1942 Republic 15 Chapter Movie serial directed by William Witney. It starred Kay Aldridge as Nyoka the Jungle Girl, a character who first appeared in the Edgar Rice Burroughs-inspired serial "Jungle Girl."  The success of the original serial Jungle Girl prompted the sequel, but the studio did not want to pay licensing fees to Burroughs again, so it avoided any repetition of the term "Jungle Girl," to which he had the rights. Instead, "Nyoka," the name of the main character in the first film, was placed in the title of the sequel, because that name was an original creation of Republic's writers, not of Burroughs.

Nyoka, with Larry Grayson (Clayton Moore), attempt to discover the Golden Tablets of Hippocrates. This, along with the value of the gold and the treasure it was buried with, contains the medical knowledge of the Ancients. Also hunting for the tablets are Queen Vultura ("Ruler of the Arabs") and Cassib.  Clayton Moore later played The Lone Ranger on TV

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Fawcett Comics used the film version of Nyoka as the basis for Jungle Girl comics. Issue #1 appeared in 1942; the character appeared irregularly until 1953, when Fawcett ceased publication
Nyoka was one of the intellectual properties sold to Charlton by Fawcett in the 1950s.  Her first Charlton appearance was in Nyoka, Jungle Girl #14 (November 1955). Her final Charlton appearance was issue #22 (November 1957).
Once Charlton Comics ceased publication, Nyoka's rights were sold again. AC Comics purchased the rights from Charlton in 1987, though their rights to do so were somewhat dubious. Nyoka appeared in AC Comics The Further Adventures of Nyoka the Jungle Girl; there were five issues printed between 1988 and 1989, consisting mostly of reprints and movie stills. Nyoka has since appeared in other AC Comics' titles.