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The Lost Jungle and Darkest Africa Movie Serial

The Lost Jungle - Clyde Beatty (1934) 12 Chapter Movie Serial from Mascot Pictures
Sharkey (Warner Richmond), animal handler for the Maitland Circus, is jealous of the success of star animal tamer Clyde Beatty (playing himself) - murderously so, as he has once surreptitiously permitted a hungry lion to be prematurely freed in a cage with Clyde, who escapes being mauled by the skin of his teeth. Clyde and his buddy, circus PR Man Larry Henderson (Syd Saylor), determine to take the maiden flight of a trans-Pacific dirigible, stopping off in India to collect tigers and Africa to collect lions, bring them back and have a novelty mixed-feline act. They take Sharkey along, unaware of the extent of his malice.  
Clyde’s dirigible crashes into the jungles of an uncharted island.  
In the meantime, a Professor Livingston has charted a ship to take him to the same uncharted island that Clyde has crashed on.  The Professor  is looking for a lost city and treasure.  On the island, Clyde meets Ruth Robinson (Cecilia Parker) who is the daughter of the ship‘s Captain (Ed LeSaint).   The crew of the ship want to mutiny.  In the meantime, Sharkey has found the treasure.
This serial has shipwrecks, a dirigible crash, buried treasure, a mutinous crew, a lost civilization, and an island loaded with savage animals such as lions, tigers, bears, gorillas, crocodiles, etc, 

Another location of The Lost Jungle --> Chapters 01 thru 07

Another location of the Lost Jungle -->Chapters 08 thru 15

NOTE 1: In an unusual move, a 68 minute feature film version was released simultaneously with the serial in 1934.  Releasing feature versions, made from editing together footage from the serial, was a common practice but they were usually released after the initial run of the source serial. Producer Nat Levine claimed it contained footage not seen in the serial version.  
To see the Feature Film, click here---->The Lost Jungle Feature Film

NOTE 2:  A young Mickey Rooney has an un-credited small role in this serial.  In Chapter 1, Mickey Rooney is cast as a cocky and self-assured leader of Beatty’s youthful fans.  
Also in Chapter 1, George “Gabby” Hayes, minus his beard but plus his teeth, appears as a talkative dirigible passenger discussing the menu.




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