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Captain Midnight Movie Serial

Captain Midnight - Movie Serial [15 Chapters] - (1942) - Dave O’Brien  

Captain Midnight  was a 15 chapter Movie Serial released by Columbia Pictures in 1942. It was based upon the radio adventure serial of the same name broadcast from 1938 to 1949.  Captain Midnight was only one of the many aviation serials released in wartime whose leading characters where derived from early pulp magazines and radio favorites.  Captain Midnight was also popular in the Comic Books.  Captain Midnight later became a TV series in the 1950s starring Richard Webb. 

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Captain Midnight - Movie Serial [15 Chapters] - (1942) - Dave O’Brien  [all 15 Chapters are at this link and separated] 

In this serial, Captain Albright is an extremely skilled aviator better known as Captain Midnight (Dave O‘Brien), who is assigned to neutralize the sinister Ivan Shark (James Craven), an evil enemy scientist who is merrily bombing major American cities. Our hero leads the Secret Squadron, whose staff includes only highly-qualified specialists as Chuck Ramsay (Sam Edwards) and the Squadron's chief mechanic Ichabod 'Icky' Mudd (Guy Wilkerson).  Shark has developed a highly efficient mercenary organization, being aided by his daughter Fury (highly intelligent and second in command), Gardo (loyal henchman) and Fang (a strong Oriental ally). Unfortunately, Shark is after a new range finder invented by an altruistic scientist, John Edwards, who has a beautiful daughter, Joyce (Dorothy Short) , who is threatened with death for fifteen thrilling episodes, only to be rescued by her own ingenuity or the skill of Captain Midnight at the appropriate last moment.

As Captain Midnight former stuntman Dave O'Brien strikes the proper heroic look. His delivery is another matter. Constantly rushing into rooms he belts out his lines and then runs back out the door without pausing to ever catch his breath. It is best described as forceful.
James Craven is very good as Ivan Shark. Surrounded by the most brain dead henchmen ever each chapter seems to bring him steadily closer to an aneurism as his gang's bumbling causes new levels of disbelief. All in all he is the most entertaining aspect of "Captain Midnight". 

Dave O'Brien - Captain Albright / Captain Midnight 
Dorothy Short - Joyce Edwards 
James Craven - Ivan Shark 
Bryant Washburn  - John Edwards 
Sam Edwards  - Chuck Ramsey 
Guy Wilkerson  - Ichabod 'Icky' Mudd
Directed by James W. Horne
Columbia Pictures

Episode MISSION TO MEXICO, of the 50s series CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT with original commercials for Ovaltine. Starring Richard Webb and Sid Melton.  Air Date: October 5, 1955.  
Opening announcement: On a mountaintop, high above a large city, stands the headquarters of a man devoted to the cause of freedom and justice... a war hero who has never stopped fighting against his country's enemies... a private citizen who is dedicating his life to the struggle against evil men everywhere... CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT!

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