Comedy: Mickey Rooney – Andy Hardy


Mickey Rooney – Andy Hardy:


Mickey Rooney (born in 1920), is an American film actor and musician whose eighty-five year career in entertainment began in 1922 and continues to this day.


In 1937, Rooney was selected to portray Andy Hardy in A Family Affair (1937), which MGM had planned as a B-movie.

Rooney provided comic relief as the son of Judge James K. Hardy, portrayed by Lionel Barrymore (although Lewis Stone would play the role of Judge Hardy in later films).

The film was an unexpected success, and led to thirteen more "Andy Hardy" films between 1937 and 1946, and then one final "Andy Hardy" film in 1958.



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1. Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1946) – Mickey Rooney:

This film starts with Andy Hardy returning home after serving in the army.
And it's not too long before he's caught up in the usual Hardy capers.

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