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Cary Grant:


Archibald Alec Leach (January 18, 1904–November 29, 1986), better known by his stage name, Cary Grant, was an English-born film actor in American motion pictures. With his distinctive Mid-Atlantic accent, he was noted as perhaps the foremost exemplar of the debonair leading man, handsome, virile, charismatic and charming. He was named the second Greatest Male Star of All Time of American cinema, after Humphrey Bogart, by the American Film Institute. He was well known for starring in classic films such as The Philadelphia Story, North By Northwest, Notorious, To Catch A Thief, Bringing Up Baby and The Bishop's Wife.


The Amazing Quest of Earnest Bliss is one of his very early movies.




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1. The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (1936) – Cary Grant:

Cary Grant plays Earnest Bliss a rich socialite who makes a bet with his doctor that he can make a living for one year using none of his current wealth.

2. Topper (1937) – Cary Grant:

Fun loving George and Marion Kerby (Cary Grant and Constance Bennett), stockholders in the bank of which henpecked, stuffy Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) is president, drive recklessly once too often and become ghosts. In limbo because they've never done either good or bad deeds, they decide to try a good one now: rehabilitating Topper. Lovely, flirtatious Marion takes a keen personal interest in the job. Will Topper survive the wrath of jealous ghost George? Will Mrs. Topper find that a scandalous husband isn't all bad?

3. Topper Returns (1941) – Roland Young

The third of Hal Roach's famed "Topper" trilogy series, and in my opinion the best. Roland Young and Billie Burke with Jack Benny's butler, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson makes many laughs. Joan Blondell plays the beautiful ghost that causes so much trouble for Topper. I think there was a newer release in 1987 that may have been colorized and protected under copyright laws, this is the older B&W version considered to be public domain.

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