Baseball - Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, etc.

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 1.  Headin Home (1920) – Babe Ruth [Silent]:

Babe Ruth lives in the small town of Haverlock. There are two interests in his life -- playing ball and Mildred Tobin, the banker's daughter. However, banker Cyrus Tobin brings a new pitcher, Harry Knight, to town for the Haverlock team and puts him to work at the bank where, unknown to Cyrus, Knight is embezzling money. Cyrus encourages Knight's relationship with Mildred and it seems that every time Babe tries to get close to her, Knight edges him out. The day of the big game with Highland, Cyrus is handing out new uniforms. Knight threatens to quit if Babe gets a uniform, so Babe is turned out. When the manager for the Highland team finds his pitcher too drunk to play, he hires Babe to fill in the void. Then, when Babe hits the winning homerun for the Highland team, the townspeople are so angry, he has to leave town.



2.  The Jackie Robinson Story (1950) – Jackie Robinson :

This biography of Jackie Robinson is a unique film. It represents a significant milestone in baseball and the civil right movement. Jackie doesn't do a terrible acting job which you don't really notice because the screen play, although light, is very face paced. The viewer is rocketed through the life of a young pre-teen Jackie Robinson, his football college career, touches on his military service in the second world war, his minor league career, and through his 1949 season with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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3.  Soul of the Game (1996) is a made-for-television movie about Negro league baseball.  It starred Blair Underwood as Jackie Robinson.