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Movie Title :Hookers Inc.

This is a story about two young Los Angeles Escort Drivers and their two main hookers Starship with an "I" and Starshyp with a "Y" who set out to make an artistic movie, only the agreement is that they have to make a porn. Black Cock Down. Stewy and Slimmy the two escort drivers manage to cast famous porn stars but chaos ensues as the porn stars become demanding on these innocent filmmakers.

Year : 2006

Genres :

Rating [imdb] : 2.90

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Actors : Tim Pingel=Slimmy Camille Solari=Starshyp Matthew Dowling=Stewart Bishop Shay Astar=Apple Martinni Joy Somers=Starship Kato Kaelin=Himself Seymore Butts=Himself Frankie J. Allison=John #4 James Anderson=Sac Boy Hayley Rivers=Herself Richmond Arquette=John Alethea C. Avramis=Girl (as Althea Aavramis) Celestine=Girlfriend David Clark=Mike Hawk Alexandra Ella=Bam Bam Kareem Elseify=Hollowpoint Drexel Shannon Farrara=Candy Stripe Jason Gurvitz=Loco (scenes deleted) Noelle Lee Kaine=Chita Bonjour Sofia Karstens=Stripper

Directors : Tim Pingel

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