Tips,Tricks and Techniques


Keep these things in mind to help make the process go smoothly:
  • Keep it simple – Don’t try ambitious models or backgrounds
  • Small movements – A little goes a long way; use the onion-skinning option to see where the last frame was placed.
  • Big features – Big eyes or ears on models are easy to move and animate, and show up well on film.
  • Plan carefully – Make a storyboard before you animate. 
  • Assign roles – Modellers, clickers, spotters, movers; each student can be responsible for a task.
Tips provided by Stop Motion Animation for the Classroom

Tricks and Techniques

Once you understand the process of creating claymation and stop motion movies, now you can try to perfect your techniques, and learn some tricks!

Below are some videos showing special techniques, effects and tricks, to make movies even more exciting

9 Techniques

The Flying Effect

Sandercurl Trick