Getting Started

Once you have the materials and supplies and have planned out your movie, it's time to let the movie making begin! 

1.  Assign roles to your students.  The class would best work in smaller groups, and these groups would have roles within them. This could occur before the actual planning process or after.  Such roles can include- camera person, character placer, storyboard checker, editing crew, lighting manager, prop person, set designers, voice over (occurs later in project) etc.

2. Tutorials- provide the students time to learn the software by you showing them a demo, or providing them with links to some of the tutorials provided on this site.  A discussion about teamwork expectations will be helpful.

3.  Make sure you students know the expectations and reasons for the project.  What is your end goal?  Create a rubric to help them understand the expectations.  These expectations can include their teamwork, participation, content of final project, productivity, etc.

4.  Design and make the set, props and characters!  Sketching these out beforehand will be helpful for the students to ensure they are all on the same page within their small group.  Show your students various ways to create characters by doing a demo and showing them some sample videos to give them inspiration. 

5.  When your students are designing the set, props and characters, offer suggestions regarding size, techniques, etc.

6.  Make sure all work stations are ready as not all groups will be ready at the same time. 

7.  Time to film!  Check out the skill steps below for how to do the photography and how to import these photos into your computer.

Keri Muller,
May 1, 2010, 9:37 AM