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MovieFileTools v1.006 2012/03/26
- Fixed. IMDB incompatibilities.

MovieFileTools v1.005 2012/02/17
- Fixed. prefix to suffix was not working when using local titles

MovieFileTools v1.004 2012/02/16
- Added nfoscan <1|0> When enabled, if no meta file is found, the script searches for imdb ID in NFO files from the directory of the movie. 

MovieFileTools v1.003 2012/02/12
- Setting sublightdetect to 0 as default
- Fixed #title_int#  (international title) was not working
- Added, you can now prioritize local titles with an array like this: #title_fr|title_int|title_us|title_uk#
The above example shows that the script will try to rename with the french title, if it does not exist, it will use international..etc etc.

MovieFileTools v1.002 2012/02/09
- Added sublightdetect <0|1>  option, this way you will be able to disable Sublight detection (0) ,
Warning: When disabled, the detection is based completely on filename. 
- Added more examples

MovieFileTools v1.001 2012/02/08
- Fixed - When metafile or artwork is in shared folder, they do not get renamed.

MovieFileTools [Beta] 2012/02/06
- Updated the script to use \cache dir as temp dir instead of windows temp
- Director info missing -
- Updated Sublight - (Sublight turned a bit slow lately, going to add a option to enable / disable it , disabling it will make the process rely entirely on the actual file name ) 

MovieFileTools [Beta] 2012/02/06
- Have been told that Avira Antivirus will detect a malware with signature 'HTML/Crypted.Gen' in lib/Common.vbs.
This is definately a false. You can have a look in the files for yourself =) (just use any texteditor)

MovieFileTools [Beta] 2012/01/06
- Removed the PAUSE from the end of MetaRename.bat
- Removed some settings in default settings file (not developed yet anyways)

MetaCreator v83 - 2011/10/02
- Fixed - Error in v82 that would delete language.txt - sorry.

MetaCreator v82 - 2011/10/02
- Fixed - Rename script would halt if subtitle was unicode.

MetaCreator v81 - 2011/10/01
- Fixed - Meta info did not get created if IMDb had no registered cast for the movie.

MetaCreator v80 - 2011/08/21
- [AutoRename] Enhanced rename script to be able to recognize language in SRT and SUB files, and thereby giving the ability to rename files accordingly.
- [AutoRename] Added the ability to filter renaming for unwanted results.
- [AutoRename] Misc cosmetic fixes
- Added "extras/Check For New Version.bat" - this way you can check new versions of these scripts are available

MetaCreator v79 - 2011/08/15
- [AutoRename] Fix - Fixed =)

MetaCreator v78 - 2011/08/15
- [AutoRename] If files with "new name" existed, script would break and exit - Fixed

MetaCreator v77 - 2011/08/14
- Some extreme filespaths broke the for(%*) loop - changed the "for loop"-structure in the batfiles.
- Added "extras/BrowseSendTo.bat" to quickly find SendTo menu.