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I'm working very hard on the new version, which will be an entire rework of current concept.


NOTE: Current download will not work, cause of changes in IMDb setup.

This is a small collection of scripts I've made to speed things up when managing a media library.

Key Features:
- Generate IMDB info data to <moviefilename>.meta -file
- Poster download [IMDB]
- Automatic rename files and folders(new) based on IMDB info
- Get local titles from IMDB
- Customized filter prefixes to suffixes(new)

- Add file specific metadata from mediainfo(new)
- Lightweight, no install, runs in own folder (portable)



ChangeLog Updated 2012/04/07

Download Movie File Tools  [preview only: code will not work]

Note: IMDB makes changes to their HTML structure regularly which might corrupt the output data,
so always be sure to use latest version of the scripts.

2012/05/12: Working on new version (Build in JScript)

ideas for features and improvements are welcome at

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Usage Quick Guide:

1. Download  the zip and extract to a folder anywhere on your computer.
2. Make shortcuts of the batfiles, and put them in SendTo Menu
3. Customize the settings file to your specific needs.
4. Start using the script, by selecting one or more moviefiles, and "send" them to the batfile via SendTo Menu

View more details and how to's here

If you got problems using the script, please let me know about it
Feedback: flexzionist [at]

3rd part apps included:

SublightCMD - For detecting "known" video files
More info:

cURL - For loading the HTML pages
More info:

MediaInfo - For collection file specific info
More info:

IrfanView - For resizing images
More info:

Please donate if you feel like motivating me ^_^

Tags: Movie Meta, IMDB Scraper, rename files, rename folder, umbenennen,
get cover, download artwork, movie poster, fan art, metadata, media library,
media manager, commandline, batch process
, get actors, year, title, director, writer