AutoRename Details

I made this script to rename movie files so they look something like this

Zeitgeist [2011] [6.7] [Eng Subs]
Zeitgeist [2011] [6.7] [Eng Subs].srt
Zeitgeist [2011] [6.7] [Eng Subs].jpg

This is obtained by using the movie file with AutoRename.bat
The correct way of doing this is to either drop the moviefile onto the AutoRename.bat,
OR put a shortcut of the bat into SendTo menu, and "send" the moviefile to the batfile. (Right-click moviefile, and SendTo/AutoRename.bat)

Note: A meta file will be created if one does not exist. (it's necessary for renaming)

Customize AutoRename.bat

In this file there are two key variables
The first is:
The above line is wildcards mixed with the structure of brackets that i want.

The Second one is:
SET NAMEFILTER=" []| [ Subs]"
The above line is used to filter unwanted results.
Lets assume we are using the name convention above
If there is no subtitle file and we do not have a filter, the file would be renamed Zeitgeist [2011] [6.7] [ Subs].avi
So if you do not want that use a filter like the above (notice: space is included, and | is the delimiter)

Detection of languages
Locate and open "lib/languages.txt"

The example content of this file currently looks like this.
You are most likely using maximum 2-3 different languages, so you have to manually enter the most common words (combination of words (spaces included))
Make sure the words and sentences are distinct to the language you expect to detect.

DK=måske ,været ,hjælp ,undskyld ,betyder ,Jeg havde,du havde,han havde, prøvede,hvad vil , jeg troede,hvad er
ENG=i am,you are,who are,you were,i was,i have,you have,have been, I think ,maybe ,that was
FR=Je suis,qui sont,vous avez,Je parle,bonjour
DE=ich bin,du bist,wer sind,ich war,habe ich,sie haben,wurden
NL=Ik ben,jij bent,wie zijn,je was,ik was,ik heb,heb je
NO=kanskje ,på meg,betyr mye,kjempe ,grunn av, sier ikke ,mulighet ,hva gjør, tilbake
SPA=donde estás,Yo soy ,que son ,que fueron ,yo estaba ,han sido,hombre
SWE=att jag,Trevligt att,hur man,jag är,överflödig,därför,han är
ITA=in una bara, essere,se fossi , quello che , dove mi , forse


*Whatever country code you put before the = sign, will be a part of the string used to rename the file.