About MMU

We are bringing more scripts, projects , more talents to the group and producing as many films as we can.

 Our vision: 
  1. Create Siliwood - Silicon Valley Film Industry.
  2. Create and guide no budget film making groups in all major film cities around the world.
  3. Produce and distribute low budget films.
  4. Host MMU Film Festivals in all the member groups.
  5. Provide a great platform for the members collaborate their projects and teams.
  6. Provide members to have international audience. 


  • Make Movies , Make Movies, Make Movies! Help any team, any Project you like.
  • Make or Produce your story - come pick a team from MMU.
  • You need help to produce? Bring your Idea , MMU will Produce the FILM
  • MMU Makes or Produces films - Join any team.

Here we are coming out to contribute and volunteer our talents for your dream project. So don't sleep on your idea/story any more. Just share with us. (Don't worry about people will steal your idea, that thought never helps you to move forward and succeed. As you know it takes lots of time and efforts)

Actors, Editors, Cinematographers , Cameramen, Screen writers, Producers, Production Assistants, Animators, CGI and what not. All your talents together we make great films here.

Join us, the group(Free) and have your dreams come true faster by MMU Team Work.

MMU FILM Festival 2009 photos.

1. http://www.meetup.com...

2. http://picasaweb.goog...

3. 'Shooting' http://picasaweb.goog...

Come out and post your idea/request in our message board asap.

Here is what you need to do for us to help you get started.

  • Write a paragraph / a page of your idea.
    (If you can't just post a message 'You need help to write one Page Synopsis of your story!!! how about that?!)
  • Tell us where you need help.
    (Ex: Help needed:
    Screen writing, shot break ups, location, production assistant, crew, actors, director, editors, etc.)
  • If you didn't get any response from any of our members 'send an email to Organizers'
  • Come to our Production Meetings and announce your project. (You must submit your idea / one page to the members to schedule to discuss your projects in the production meetings)