The Fantastic Four

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A 1994 movie starring (in the order of the opening credits): Alex Hyde-White as "Reed Richards", Jay Underwood as "Johnny Storm", Rebecca Staab as "Sue Storm", Michael Bailey Smith as "Ben Grimm", Ian Trigger as "The Jeweler", Joseph Culp as "Dr. Doom", George Gaynes as "The Professor" (or something)

Reed Richards and his friend Victor are working on a machine that will allow them to "harness the energy of tomorrow", which is somehow related to an asteroid called Colossus that is passing close to the Earth.  As it does, their machine overheats.

Part 1

The overheating machine directs a blast of energy at Victor, who is finally pulled away by their friend Ben Grimm.  But Victor is severely burned and is believed to be dead, but he isn't quite.  A mysterious doctor takes him away.  Years later, Reed builds an advanced spacecraft, and his crew will consist of himself,  Ben, and Susan and Johnny Storm, sister and brother.  Victor, now being referred to as "His Highness" meanwhile has become an evil super-hero The Jeweler, on the trail of a diamond.  Ben clumsily knocks over a blind girl Alicia with whom he falls in love.  A giant diamond is used on their spacecraft as part of the protection system.

Part 2

The crew makes preparations to take off.  Meanwhile The Jeweler is in love with the Alicia and steals the diamond from the space craft to give to her, replacing it with a useless replica.  Victor who has gone insane and has now become Dr Doom, watches this somehow via a hidden camera and laughs in glee.  The crew takes off and approaches the Colossus, but without their diamond to protect them from its effects, their craft and they are damaged. They crash back to Earth, their ship destroyed but they are apparently unharmed.  Johnny Storm sneezes and a nearby bush bursts into flame.

Part 3

Susan is "right here" but no one can see her.  She slowly materializes, falls in shock and Reed stretches out several feet to catch her.  Dr Doom discovers that they are alive and orders his minions to find them so they can be killed.  Now we cut away to this other villein The Jeweler, who apparently lives underground and has an army of misfits.  He intends to kidnap the blind girl and sends his army to do it.

Part 4

The Army comes to pick up the crew and Ben is now The Thing.  They go all back to some base for debriefing where a doctor interviews each of them.  Of course it turns out they are actually in the castle of Dr. Doom.  Dr. Doom wants to drain their powers, and invest them all in himself.  He now sends his henchman after the The Jeweler who has the diamond (and the blind girl).  Johnny Storm is getting antsy and thinks they should break out, the others aren't as sure.  Dr. Doom's minions try to convince The Jeweler to sell them the diamond but he won't.

Part 5

Dr. Doom now decides he will have to go take care of the matter in person.  Meanwhile the Fantastic Four, being held captive, knock out some orderlies and switch clothes with them.  They encounter Dr. Doom, fight his minions and then escape.  Going back to their own base, Reed starts to research their condition.

Part 6

Reed figures out that their individual physical conditions now, are based on psychological conditions they had when they encountered the Colossus force.  Sue vanishes because she is shy, Johnny flames-on because he has a fiery temper, Reed stretches because he's always stretching himself thing to help everyone out, Ben is rock-plated because he always relies on his physical force instead of his intellect.  Ben gets depressed because of his condition and walks out.  Reed and Johnny keep researching, while Sue creates a costume for the group.  Ben encounters the Jeweler's army and they welcome him.  Meanwhile Alicia begs him to let her go.  Dr. Doom visits the lair of the Jeweler and knocks out his army.

Part 7

Dr. Doom goes for the diamond, the Jeweler holds a gun to Alicia's head.  Alicia cries out to Ben, "I love you!" which for some odd reason makes Ben change back to human form.  Ben runs off, gets all pissed off and changes back to rock-form.  Meanwhile Reed has figured out that Victor didn't die and is actually Dr. Doom.  Doom demonstrates that the laser he has been working on, which is now complete with the use of the diamond, can cause great destruction.  He threatens to wipe out New York City unless they surrender themselves to him.  Reed will go, but he tries to convince the others not to go, but they all want to go as a team.  Now decked out in their new uniforms, they go off to meet Doom, but it seems the place is deserted.  But Doom traps them in a force-field.  We now learn the Victor/Doom blames Reed for his own disfigured body, damaged by their old experiments.  Doom has also kidnapped Alicia, bringing her to his castle and taunts Ben, that he is going to kill her.  Using his machine, he starts to drain the Fantastic Four's powers.  Reed manages to get his foot out under the force field, stretches it out and knocks the diamond off its pedestal.  The machine spins out of control and destroys the force field as well.

Part 8

Now the group has a big fight sequence with Dr. Doom's minions.  We see for the first time Sue's ability to generate a force-field and also Johnny's ability to ignite his entire body and fly.  Ben saves Alicia and they have some personal time.  Johnny goes flying off after the laser beam.  Reed chases Dr. Doom and  they have a confrontation, and Doom falls off a cliff.  Johnny manages to defeat the laser beam.  Then they all go home and Sue and Reed get married.

Part 9