MOVE is a network intended to stimulate education and research on mobility in its most general sense: the mobility of people, goods, and ideas. The Swiss Network for Mobility Studies is an initiative of the universities of Berne (Social Anthropology), Lausanne (History of Medicine and Public Health), Neuchâtel (Geography, Migration Studies), Zurich (Social and Cultural Anthropology), and the EPFL Lausanne (Laboratory of Urban Sociology). The network's programme entailed two parts, which were closely linked to each other:

  • The Swiss Chair for Mobility Studies: eminent scholars are invited for a semester to carry out research and teaching at one of the member universities
  • Postdoctoral research positions

The research of the network can be divided into five mobility-related domains:

  • Transnational logics of displacement and citizenship
  • Mobility and built form
  • Transmigration of health practices
  • Transnational education and the creation of transnational branch campuses
  • Daily Mobility and the City

The network was initiated and is coordinated by the Swiss Forum of Migration and Population Studies at the University of Neuchâtel. Coordinator: Didier Ruedin. From 2008 to 2012 MOVE was funded by the Swiss University Conference as well as the participating universities.

For a follow-up project, see: