Facilitate social fun

Facilitate social fun by making movement a social experience.

Moving with others is fun. Movement is typically visible to others and easily becomes a performance, whether we intend it or not. Therefore, design for multi-player, including other players and an audience.
 Yamove!Musical Embrace 
 Yamove! is a b-boy style dance battle game. Players compete in pairs, aiming for high intensity, in-synch, diverse dance routines. Each player wears an iOS device strapped to the forearm. The game is hosted by an MC and scoring is based on accelerometer data from the devices. Yamove illustrates that a game can facilitate social fun for players, moderators, and spectators alike.In Musical Embrace, players have to navigate a virtual world by embracing a sensor-augmented pillow together: their performative movements make for a great spectacle for the audience, who cheer the players on.   

  • If you plan to design multi-player and single-player modes for your game, consider starting with multi-player.
  • Make the game a spectacle: encourage movements that are by nature a spectacle others enjoy watching.
  • Turn bystanders into players: allow the audience to easily join the game.
  • Make the game easy to learn by observing, so that spectators figure out what is going on quickly and want to try.
DOs and DON'Ts
DO engage other players and audiences by turning the movement into a performance.
DON'T forget that movement in spaces where others do not know that there is a game going on, such as public spaces, might create socially awkward situations.