Support self-expression

Support players in expressing themselves using their bodies.

We communicate a lot about ourselves in how we move. Thus playing a movement-based game is always a form of self-expression, especially with other people around us. Take advantage of this to increase fun for players.
  Just Dance 4 
Guitar HeroJust Dance 4 JS Joust
 In Guitar Hero, lifting the guitar activates rock-star mode, motivated by the opportunity to ear more points. Guitarists lift their guitars to be more showy, not to play better. So building this movement into gameplay enhances a person's ability to show off and be more of a spectacle. Just Dance has a freestyle moment that provides players with snapshots of any crazy moves they do. JS Joust leaves the rules wide open about how players can achieve the game's goal (slapping the other players' Move controllers), supporting the players in expressing themselves through their movements.
  • Allow players to perform different kinds of movements to achieve the same outcome.
  • Encourage players to try out these different movements.
  • Celebrate self-expression by showing players the result of their self-expression, for example in forms of photos of their movements as trophies.
  • Offer opportunities for secondary performances - movements that do not contribute directly to the goal of the game - such as the lifting of the guitar in Guitar Hero.
DOs and DON'Ts
DO see movement as a form of self-expression that can make your game more fun.
DON'T forget that self-expression is concerned with the player him/herself, but also other players and any audience.