Highlight rhythm

Help players identify rhythm in their movements.

Movement is rhythmic: the head bopping when dancing, footsteps when walking, even when playing tennis there is a rhythm to the arm swinging back and subsequent follow-through. Movement can be rhythmic on an individual action level (tennis swing), but also the overall movement experience often follows a rhythm of high and low-intensity actions. Movement becomes easier with a beat, so support players in identifying a rhythm to their movements.


Mary Mack 5000
Dance Central 2
Mary Mack 5000 is a technologically-enhanced twist on the classic schoolyard hand clapping game, highlighting the rhythm in movement through the clapping that results from players having their movement in sync.Dance Central offers an audio beat for players to identify a rhythm in their movements.

  • Play music for players to help them identify a beat.
  • Visualize previous and upcoming movements so players can identify a rhythm in their movements.
  • Think of haptics not only as a feedback mechanism for action, but also as a rhythm aid.
  • Use other players to help a player identify a rhythm in his/her movements.
DOs and DON'Ts
DO see movement in games not just as as a string of independent actions, but as a sequence of rhythmic actions that, with a beat, get easier.
DON'T forget that engaging competitive gameplay can emerge when allowing players to try to throw their opponents off their beat.