Map imaginatively

Map movements in imaginative ways.

The computer allows mapping movements in many imaginative ways, in particular in ways that are not possible in real life, offering players fantasy-fuelled opportunities they do not have otherwise. 
Mapping does not need to be literal or slavishly true-to-life.
 Puss in Boots Kinect Wii Tennis
In Puss in Boots Kinect a player's wild arm and foot movements result in elegant, swash-buckling sword-fighting actions. This feels plausible and engaging when one is playing as a fairy-tale cat! Wii Tennis maps every simple up-down arm movement into a successful tennis serve, fuelling the player's fantasy of being a successful and accomplished tennis player.

  • Map movement in a non-linear fashion, for example in a tennis fantasy game a weak forehand movement results in a strong hit.
  • Add additional virtual movement to mapped movement.
  • Engage "avateering": make the player's movements look better than they really are.
DOs and DON'Ts
DO engage your creativity in the mapping process.
DON'T use this guideline if you want to simulate a real-world sports experience, such as designing a golf simulator.