Celebrate movement articulation

Celebrate how well players articulate movement, and the joy of movement, by giving feedback on movement quality moment-to-moment.

In button-press games players receive feedback on if they pressed a button and when. However, with movement-based games, it is not just about if and when, but also how movement is performed. Also, you are not always performing movements to achieve an outcome, sometimes the movement can be enjoyable on its own (whereas pressing a button is not usually a noteworthy pleasure for the player). Therefore celebrate the joy of movement and its articulation by providing players with feedback on the quality of their movement. This feedback has to be instantaneous, so that players can improve their movement articulation moment-by-moment.
Dance Central 2 Remote Impact
 Dance Central 2 celebrates movement articulation in the form of bright smooth streaks when the quality of a move was "flawless".In Remote Impact, players have to hit their remote partner's shadow, projected on a mattress-like interactive surface, to hit points. But the quality of the hit also counts: harder hits score more points. Players can see the quality of their hit reflected immediately through observing the score.

Strategies for designers
  • You do not need to judge the articulation, you can just provide feedback by highlighting players' articulation to allow them to reflect on and learn from it by themselves.
DO's and DON'Ts
DO provide feedback if and when movement occurred, but also on how.
DON'T worry about judging the how, players can figure it out themselves as long as they get feedback.