What we do and Where.

Jan and Zane began their connection with Thailand in 1995.

Zane's first mission trip and first commercial flight! Jan had already lived over two and a half years in Africa prior to their marriage in 1992 and she has a very willing heart to do more.

Since that time they have ministered in India 22 years, living in Bangalore for 5 of those years, worked extensively in Burma (Myanmar) since 1996, spent 3 months in Nepal in 2002, and ministered in Thailand since 1995 having also lived there for 8 years. Many trips in and out of these SE Asian country and India have given them a heart that is joined with their many national friends and ex-pats in these nations.

Starting in 2020, Jan and Zane have accepted a mandate from the Lord to work in India and Thailand while living in the US working and training people on how to follow Jesus's mandate to "GO" .

Fostering a heart for every nation, people, tribe and telling all about Jesus and his free gift of new life.

Moved in Heart Ministries –INDIA - We are Directors and Project Managers .

This ministry to India incorporates two works registered with the Indian Government in Karnataka State.

Mountain Ministries directed by Francis and Esther is focus on: Discipleship through Bible-Storying techniques:

  • Churchwide Story-telling trainings

  • Family issues Storytelling trainings and

  • Leadership Storytelling training.

  • Marriage Seminars

They conduct outreach to Leprosy villages, and House Church planting and community outreach thru VBS, neighborhood outreach and Pastors conferences.

Esther teaches tailoring to many lady students while sharing Christ to them. She has trained over 1100 ladies so far. These women are Hindu or Muslim, so this is a great tool to make friends and influence families for Christ.


Dr Gerard's Ashraya Trust ministry operates Home for the elderly, reaches out thru untouchable caste rural and urban medical clinics. He primarily evangelizes and is a speaker throughout Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

India is a place where the fields are indeed white for harvest! Mountain Ministries, directed by Francis and Esther, is our key ministry reaching people in India with training to become Christ followers as true disciples.


Breanna's House of Joy is a place of refuge for girls in desperate situations. We feel like all the girls in BHJ are like our grandchildren and hope very much to bring our own grandchildren (10 currently) there someday to learn how to minister among different cultures.

Here are a few photos of Thailand and Photos from India are in the INDIA tab above....

Ahka Village Outreach - tribal headgear!!

Lisu Village Outreach - built a swing-set!

No problem finding kids to try out the swing! Located on the church grounds in this Lisu village.

Lahu village outreach

2013 team outreach to Lahu village, danced to a flute with villagers in beautiful tribal outfits.

Evangelistic outreach to Lisu Village 2012

Doi Saket Thailand

Breanna's House of Joy group during the story-telling training conducted by Francis and Esther from Karnataka India, Oct.2011.

Many are dressed in their beautiful tribal outfits, Karen, Ahka, Lisu, Lahu, Hmong, Indian and Thai.

Hot Springs retreat with Girls from Breanna's House of Joy, Thailand : 2008 Christmas!!!

2003 BHJ girls in their tribes outfits!!!

All of the girls come from villages like these:

At Breanna's House of Joy some who have no family find one, others find an education they would have never received.

Many villages have no school, some don't even have water. Larger villages have Primary schools and some even have Middle schools.

This year, 5 girls at BHJ played Cricket for their nation in the playoffs in Kuwait and took silver! 33% of the team came from BHJ !!!

Also, 20 BHJ girls sang in the Bless Chiang Mai prayer event at the main gate of the city with over 1000 in attendance and 100's of people walking by.

One girl from BHJ is attending university and will graduate in one year, 2 more are entering college this year.

We have one graduate that placed 2nd in all of Thailand for her English skills, and 1st in the northern provinces.

God is working.

This is part of what we do.

Here is the other part:

Teach cooking and develop relationships:

Provide pet bugs to have fun.

Help develop and bring Christ to the villages in the North of Thailand though providing playground swings for the children and building relationships with village leaders and pastors if they have one..

Leading Teams to experience village life while working together on playground equipment construction. Both of these swings were set up on the village church property.

Building friendships with village school principal and staff. Another Swing-set was built on this village school property in 2012.

Teaching photography and editing, the beauty of God's creation.

Building water systems to help develop the villages from where our BHJ girls came.

Teach about Jesus and being a Godly woman.

Discipleship training.

Assist the dentist in a free dental clinic!