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Page Design Layout

Made a website that will help you learn the major design layout concepts.
View the Graphic Design website and all pages to learn the various topics.
Use the Poster Design chapter below to help you further understand if needed.

After you have read and learned the layout design topics from the Graphic Design website, write a short summary of each topic in your own words in your CA ideas book with bullet points. Also draw your own original example that you created to demonstrate each of the layout design topics. Use various colors for the example.


Make sure you bring your CA ideas book to class with the notes and examples since you will not receive the curve if you do not have or it is not completed. The questions for this quiz will be taken mainly from the graphic design website.

Optional Additional Resources


Quiz Content
The questions for this quiz will be taken from the text, therefore, students will create Google Presentations based off of the topics in the text to help prepare for the quiz

Part of your quiz grade will be creating a Google Docs Presentation on the various topics below. Sign up under your class for a topic that you are interested and begin creating your Presentation. You may use my past student PowerPoint files to add to your Presentation. Some of the presentations are good and accurate while others are not; you will have to determine if it is worth using. Use the text in learning about your topic and conduct further research on the Internet. When you are finished, publish the Presentation, add mouseflip@gmail.com as a collaborator, and paste the link into the spreadsheet below. Save the file as your topic name by your user ID (e.g. Typography by ca2Charles2011). Due on the quiz day.

Color & Layout
  • Choose a color scheme that works well together
  • You must create your own slide background and it cannot be one solid color or a preset template design
  • Do not use the typical Title (center aligned) and Text (left aligned) default layouts shown on the right; be creative and create a consistent unique layout

Slide Format of Presentation (min four slides)
  1. Title slide (name and topic)
  2. One sentence in your own words summarizing your topic
  3. Multiple bullets explaining your topic 
    (all text must be summarized in your own words and you may break the 6x6 rule if needed)
  4. Show visual examples of your topic (use additional slides if needed)
  5. References

Between now and when you take the quiz, view the text and the 
other students' presentations to learn about the various poster design topics so you will be prepared for the quiz.

Example Question: What poster design principle is best illustrated from this poster design on the right?


Add to the spreadsheet