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Quarter 1

  1. Quiz - Class Information/G (Quiz 1.1)*

  2. Quiz - Audio/GarageBand*

  3. Quiz - Photography/Video*

  4. Quiz - Computer Basics*

    *You are allowed to use your original Ideas Sketchbook (only) and can take handwritten notes in the back of it. No attached notes to pages allowed.

For the summer course, you may take notes or use Internet resources to take the quiz, although, the time is short so if you study and know the answers, it will be much easier. You may only take the quiz on the day it is on the calendar between 12pm-11:59pm. After that you will not receive credit and cannot be made up. If for some unusual reason you know you won't be able to take the quiz, fill out an extension form.

disregard the following: 

Computer Basics [slideshow] search [slides]
History of the Internet [slides] [website]

Internet Travel [slides][analogy]

Basic Computer Parts [slides][defrag]

Parts & Motherboard [slides][video]

Parts, Motherboard, how computers work [slides] [video]
[extra credit]


  • Quizzes are taken on classmarker.com (setup directions). 
  • You will have 4-10 questions and about 20-30 seconds per question to complete the quiz. 
  • Do not talk to others classes about the detailed content on the quiz. Quizzes may become much harder when I find out a student has done this.
  • The question type can consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, multiple right, true/false, and essay. 
  • If you make a grammar error, the question is wrong although the answer choices are not case sensitive.