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View the short video explanation on how RSS works

Before you watch the video tutorial, sign up for these two accounts and use your CA class Gmail (ca3joe15@gmail.com) and your Me 2.0 name (e.g. OakMeds):

(sign up for the free version)

Now watch the video tutorial to create your RSS Netvibes and Delicious bookmarks and make sure when you are done you have 2-3 blogs for Netvibes and 6-8 bookmarks on Delicious.

When you are finished, take a screenshot of your Netvibes public page like the screenshot below and post to Posterous and the screenshot. You are now also done with the next checkpoint and will take a screenshot of Delicious according to the next checkpoint directions.

In the next checkpoint you will be doing the following:

Watch the video to learn more about social bookmarking.

Go to www.
delicious.com and create a new account using your CA email but later use your Me 2.0 name for your user name if you have not already from the previous checkpoint.

Go to 6-8 helpful but diverse sites related to your career either directly or indirectly and bookmark them to your delicious account if you have not already from the previous checkpoint.

Take a screenshot showing your 6-8 bookmarks on delicious and post to Posterous and to make the page look smaller so it fits on your screen press command + - a few times.