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Now that you understand your personality and have chosen a career to focus on, you will now choose a digital identity name that others (e.g. employers) can identify you as and can find your positive identity on the Internet (e.g. web 2.0 sites).

Sign up for and use www.bubbl.us to brainstorm identity words for yourself. You should have at least five descriptive bubbles for your name and five for your career (any bubble color). Type your name in one box and your career in another. Spend five minutes making boxes of words that describe you (e.g. attributes) and words associated with your career. When you are done, take a screenshot of it. Do not spend more than five minutes on this part.

You will now choose a web identity that you will use on web 2.0 sites. Choose a creative combination of words from bubbl.us that you think no one has chosen in order to form your identity name or choose a new words. The easiest is to use your name or parts of your name if it is not taken already. For your identity name do not:
  • misspell any words
  • use slang
  • unprofessional abbreviations
  • use more than 15 total characters when combined into one word because some applications do not allow longer user account names
  • do not use numbers

Any job: peterbrown
A writer: shannonwrites
An entrepreneur: creativeguy
A photographer: pollyphoto
A doctor: modernmedical
A lawyer: truetothelaw
Next, do a search for you web identity at http://namechk.com to see if the name you chose is available. It must be available on the following sites: twitter & blogger.

Read if you cannot find a name available:
If it always says not available for blogger, then go to www.blogger.com, sign in using your class gmail, create a new blog, and try to choose a name that you wanted directly from blogger to see if it is available with this alternative way of checking its availability.

After you have chosen a web identity, choose two more as backups (total of three).

Email mark.heil@yisseoul.org and Wordpress your career choice in bold and your three identity names in order of preference (1 is your first choice). Use the following subject and format of the email:

Subject: Me 2.0 cp2: Identity

[category cpMe2.0]
Daniel Lee's first career is financial management.
1. DanielManagement
2. DanielOrganization
3. DanielSmarts
Include your bubbl.us screenshot as an attachment to the email.

I will reply simply with a 1, 2, or 3. 1 means your first choice is approved. If you get a reply with a 0 it means none are approved and you must think of new names and email for approval.

Summer Students Only: If you are taking the summer course, do not email it to me. Instead, post the three names to posterous and ask a student who has already taken the course to make a posterous comment on the article to approve the name for you.

Complete the following within a week after your name has been approved:
After your unique web identity has been approved, create accounts with this name for the following accounts:
  • blogger (use your class Gmail account to create another blogger)
  • twitter (use your personal email account to register)

    You only have to open the accounts, you do not have to customize them at all right now with colors, backgrounds, additional info, photos, etc.

    After you have created these accounts, go to your posted Wordpress article that you already posted from this assignment and as a comment, copy and paste your new Me 2.0 blogger and twitter links. Then in the comment write 1-2 sentence why you chose that career and that Me 2.0 name. Make sure to do this before the due date of this assignment.
Always post the posterous link to the spreadsheet.