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Illustrated Photo

Part A

You will need to take a good landscape (like the photo size below, not above) photo of a person (either a random person on the street, friend, or family member) outside and make sure the photo has good lighting on the subject. Choose a subject that is wearing bright colors with a pose of doing a task while not looking at the camera. Use focal point rule of thirds.

Your background should also have bright contrasting colors. It should be creative and having a purpose in doing something, not just a normal photo looking at the camera. Take three different locations/purpose in doing something and Mr. Heil will approve your best one that you will later edit in class. The background objects/colors are also very important as you can see in the example above.

Email your three photos to WordPress and the link to the spreadsheet.

Part B
Follow the directions in class (not at home) to create a your photo illustration. Then post to the MF Picasa album and post that link and the file to your WordPress.