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Pitch Followup

Pitch Followup
I made a Posterous comment on everyone's Film idea. On the site post, I indicated if it was approved or not and what to work on. You will now make edits to your Pitch idea. When you make changes to your story setup, make them in a different font color or highlight.

-If I wrote "Not approved yet" then edit your idea in the same post according to the comment and in a new comment below mine, explain what changes you made.

-If your idea was approved, write a comment on some new things you thought of to make it better.

-If you did not propose an idea yet or received the response "No, do an MV", propose a music-based MV in Posterous.

When you are finished with your idea edits, email me the updated posterous link so that I can read it again. Go to the script checkpoint 4 on the spreadsheet and update your film information.