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Story Audio

Audio and Final Video Directions
Final video must be 2-4 min & points off for breaking the time parameters. You have previously exported all of your video clips. View the tutorial on how to use audio for AE & comment on the video (required). You don't have to use AE for your audio or final export but I want you to know how it works.

Import all of your animated video file clips into either After Effects, Premiere, iMovie, or Windows Movie Maker and record your voiceover for the story. If you use iMovie, you must convert the video file formats from flv or H.265 to mp4 using the free program handbrake on the iMacs in the lab or you can download it.

Make sure you use creative voices that reflect each character's personality. You should also choose background music for some or all parts of your story but make sure to play them softly in the background and it should not compete with your narrations. You must also add a few sound effects (e.g. bell ringing, birds chirping, cars honking). You can find free audio that is copyright free to use, links at the bottom of the page.

Good Examples & Why

The video below has a good pace and rhythm to it and is not long and slow. It has upbeat music and the narration voice is strong, bold, and entertaining. Although, the background music is too loud and hard to hear the narrations.

This is probably the best personality of character voices of all the video submitted. The turtle is really good and the hamster is entertaining as well. Must watch it.

He did a great job in changing the voices to have a personality although very slow pace at times.

  • Record your narration with a good microphone if you have one or use your computer microphone built-in but make sure you are in a quiet place. 
  • Speak clearly with enough volume while enunciating your words and varying your pitch.
  • Use different voices that match the appearance and personality of your character; use other people to help you with voices if needed. Be creative!
  • Your story needs to be fast and upbeat with a good tempo to keep your listeners engaged
  • Use Audacity (available as a free download for Mac or PC) or GarageBand (Mac) to record your narration if needed or just use the program's built-in recorder.
Background Music
  • The soundtrack of your story is very important; it sets the mood and tone of the setting so plan it out carefully.
  • You do not have to have background music playing the entire time, but most of the time...off and on...is the best. Definitely start with a good background tune for the establishing shot. You do not have to have the same background song. Keep in mind cultural relevance.
  • It is important that you only use copyright-free music, otherwise YT may block or delete all the sound of your video. Even if you bought a soundtrack file (e.g. Jurassic Park), you cannot use it. Try using some of the following:
Resources: Freeplay, SoundBible, Beatpick,

Sound Effects
Sound effects add a lot to your story to emphasis certain actions; you must have at least one sound effect for each animated background. Do not neglect quality sound effects; plan well where they would be best used.

Bible Verse
After you have added your audio, (your final story should be between 2-4min long), add a Bible verse on any of your pages or author page that best represents the moral of your story. Export your video in the highest quality you have available. Make sure it is 2GB or less so you can upload it to YT. If it is too big, save a lower quality version. When it is uploaded to YT, it must be at least 480f.

Name it on YT "Title of your story" by Your Name - Animated Story created with AE & AI (if the title is too long, take off some of the last words). Email the link to your posterous. Copy the posterous article link and paste it into the final project spreadsheet.