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Unique Story

This summer we will be making creative and unique stories. Different than ones that students made in the past. In the past students just told stories. For your story, you will have the following guidelines.

  • You will rhyme your story like this past student's story: Jubilant Jungle.

  • You will don't have to but you will get additional points if you make your story into a rhymed song like The Duck Song but don't use such a redundant story plot with similar scenes over and over and over.

  • For your three main characters, you must be creative and choose to use your own unique characters.

  • Make sure that you choose a country setting according to the country you chose which a GUAM team will be traveling. The story should be culturally relevant with a few things incorporated into the story that the child in that country can recognize or relate to that is like their country.
Search http://vimeo.com and find a short animated story that illustrates a good plot and video cuts with creative characters. Post the link to the same posterous article and summarize what is good about the video in one sentence.

Remember that the minimum for your story is two minutes. I have seen a lot of good quality stories that can be covered in two minutes. I would prefer quality versus quantity. Sometimes it is hard to keep people's attention for 3-4 minutes but it is possible if it is a really good story. Remember to keep your story simple, yet unique and creative. A story that someone would never have heard or even thought of. Dig deep in your creativity mind or better yet, ask an elementary student for help in writing it so they understand it...plus they usually have better imaginations.